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A large component or Dr. Cameron T. Whitley's research and teaching focuses on visual communication, specifically on how to increase empathetic responses through the use of visual imagery. Beyond this project, Dr. Whitley is currently working with a team involving National Geographic affiliated photographers to assess when and how animal images inspire conservation. 


Cameron T. Whitley, Ph.D.


Jessica Grear is the lead photographer on this project. she has worked on many photo essays in the LGBTQ+ community. Jess has an amazing knowledge of the history of queer representation and photography and has specifically stylized these images to communicate the faces of those in support of the LGBTQ+ community on campus. Jess' focus is on capturing an individual's personality in their portrait.

Photographer and Web Design

Jessica Grear

The 11orMore™  Project was started by Dr. Cameron T. Whitley in 2018 as an initiative to promote LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, and staff support and acceptance at schools across the country. Rutgers University-Camden is a participating sponsor of this project. This is an innovative evolving gallery of pictures and statements from the LGBTQIA+ supportive faculty and staff at Rutgers University Camden. The hope is that this project will showcase members from all across the campus community in a beautiful display of campus-wide support.

Why was the 11orMore ™ Project created?

The GLSEN 2015 National School Climate Survey suggests that most LGBTQ+ students have experienced harassment and discrimination in their high schools prior to coming to college. In fact, about 85% report being verbally harassed and over 50% report hearing homophobic and negative gender expression remarks by high school staff. Although many schools have some form of school-based support (Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs), LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum, anti-bullying policies), these negative high school experiences affect LGBTQ+ students' mental health and educational outcomes well into their college years. On the flip side, we know in high schools where LGBTQ+ students can identify at least 11 supportive faculty and staff members, they are more likely to feel safe and have higher GPAs. However, only 39% of LGBTQ+ high school students can identify 11 or more supportive faculty and staff members at their school. Although Rutgers-Camden can not change the environments our students come from, we can work to create an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ students on our campus.

Who is the creative force behind this project?

If you would like to get involved with the 11orMore ™ Project or to hear more about it please contact:

Dr. Cameron T. Whitley

Lecturer - Gender Studies Program

Program Coordinator - Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Rutgers University - Camden 

326 Penn Street, Third Floor, Rm 311

p. (856) 225-6146


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